The future of any nation can be improvised by its well educated citizens. A child of today is the citizen of tomorrow and the base of nation’s development. A child is like wet clay, which is provided a well cultured & attractive form by a potter like teacher, with his knowledge & intelligence. It is said that construction of temple and mosque is not necessary, but a teacher prepare even a single citizen full of good qualities then he build hundreds of temples and mosques. He gets that much of graceful advantages. Life is a field of “karma”, action and education is its inspirations.  The best knowledge is that which is utilize for necessities of life.

Purvanchal Degree College Munderwais established with the patronage of PanditAmbikaPratap Narayan Higher Education Society at Hariharpur. This rural place is about 18Km from Basti district head-quarter. This rural place where the great writer Acharya Ram Chandra Shukla was born.

The purpose of this project was to attain education in various place at this noble place. It was decided by the honorable member of management society under the leadership of Mr. SuryanarayanChatuvedi to impart higher education with an eye to offer quality education. Thus, this degree college was established in 2010, with the effort of managing society, honorable chancellor decided (under the provisions of various acts) to recognize the art faculty with seven subjects. With the help of members of managing society it was decided to establish the commerce faculty in the degree college. Thus, the commerce faculty is recognized. With the important achievement in education in this rural area, education faculty (B.Ed.) is recognized by “ RastriyaAdhyapanShikshaParisad” in 2015. The degree college is recognized for the education faculty from 01-07-2015 for 50 self-finance seats by honorable chancellor. The first session of B.Ed. was started in 2015-2016.