This  institution is excelling forth on the path of development & progress perennially. The manager of the college, Mr. Surya Narayan Chaturvedi is continuously making effort to start the self-employment under the various faculties. With full devotion he wants to see the college growing & progressing. His vision  is very unparalleled and extraordinary in today’s era.

In this degree college, the principal & the professors of various faculties (recommended by university) have been appointed on permanent basis. With the effort of the principal of this college, many programmes like seminars, essay-writing, education, cultural activities, sports, debate etc. are inspired by the sweet impression of professors.

We hire candidates from educational programs with basic skills such as cultural activities, management, programme management knowledge and prepare them for our future skills. All applications are pre-screened based on academic credentials. Short-listed candidates are usually invited for a written analytical/logical test and a subsequent interview as part of the selection process.